In September 2018, Charlie’s 4th album as a soloist is published.

In the words of the artist himself: “From The Vault, is a challenge in my career. In this album, where I have set it up as a one-man-show, I carry out all the possible musical tasks without the participation of external personnel: I play bass, percussion, guitars and programming, composition, arrangements, production, mixing and mastering; all in my recording studio I have only received help in the section of photography ( and photo/design (Noelia Balboa –

It has been an incredible learning process in my facet as a music producer. I had previously produced both my own and others’ projects, but this has been different. Producing yourself is always special, but without any external musical participation, it is a real challenge.”- CM.


Powafunk – 2016

This recording was influenced by classic funk music, but with touches of modernity and impudence at what the modern artist has got us used to. As an added value, the recording was mastered by Alex Psadourakis in Sterling Sound Studios, New York.

Without a doubt, it is Charlie Moreno’s most daring project up till now, with a band composed of seven exceptional musicians that leave nobody indifferent. In the words of the bassist “it’s time to make people dance.” And they’ ll do it with a repertoire made up of mainly original compositions, plus some reworks of funk classics, fused with the Charlie Moreno musical seal of approval.


Subway to Venus – 2011

Both on Island Style and So Lonely, Charlie Moreno participates as co-producer of the records. On what´s his third record to date, the artist decides/decided to go a step further and to take charge of the production. With the support of the Canary Islands Government once again, he gets/ embarked upon the recording of Subway to Venus, a record full of ambition, where CM proves all of his potentials. With the collaboration of Javier Sanchez, the great guitar player, co-producer of the record and Moreno´s right-hand man, the recording takes/took place in Madrid, in the Arco del Valle Studios, owned by the prestigious sound engineer Andres Vazquez, who participates with the production tasks, plus takes/took charge of the mixing and mastering processes. This record counts with the stellar appearances of Chuck Loeb, Javier Sanchez, Hector Salazar, Andrian Schinoff, Lugotti, Esther Ovejero, Rayco Gil, Andreas Prittwitz, Paco Salazar and Paco Mayorga. Through all that he learned in his previous recordings, Charlie Moreno achieves/has achieved a fantastic result, with music that takes you through many styles, from jazz-funk to flamenco.


Island Style – 2007

This time, Charlie Moreno´s musical path led him to a new adventure of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. On achieving an important scholarship awarded by the Canary Islands Government after an insular regarded/regional..national competition (?) contest, the great guitarist Chuck Loeb took the lead of a production that was recorded in the USA almost entirely. With a bigger budget this time, the bassist focuses/focused on his band-oriented compositions. This record counts on high-level collaborators as Eric Marienthal, Joel Rosenblatt, Till Brönner, Carmen Cuesta, Lizzy Loeb, Javier Sanchez, Kike Perdomo, David Charles, Andreas Prittwitz, Nathan Eklund and of course, Chuck Loeb. Recorded at The Carriage House Studios, mixed and mastered by the two times Grammy Awards winner Phil Magnotti, the production is a high profile sound where you can also feel an increase of quality in Charlie Moreno’s career.


So Lonely – 2005

The first solo CD by Charlie Moreno, was a great effort by producer Andreas Prittwitz, who moved heaven and earth to achieve this project. The result is an intimate record where the electric bass takes its place as a lead instrument.  Tunes oriented on the “solo bass/bass solo” style seasoned with outstanding collaborations by musicians such as Chuck Loeb, Jose Antonio Ramos, Nono Garcia, Antonio Toledo, Luis Fernandez, Valentin Iturat, Inoidel Gonzalez, Sergio Garcia, Daniel Casielles, Carlos Calzado or Andreas Prittwitz himself. The work took place in Madrid, in the Pull-Push studios, headed by the great piano player Mariano Díaz. This record was presented at several jazz festivals and bass-oriented events all around Europe.