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Today I come to talk about the gear that I usually play. They are brands with which I have associated due to their high professional quality, without a doubt they are among the best in the market.

First, the basses: MTD (Michael Tobias Design). These instruments are manufactured by luthier Michael Tobias and his team in the USA. MTD is the successor of Tobias Guitars, a brand that Gibson bought in 1990. In 1994 Mr. Tobias created Michael Tobias Design, handmade instruments, with a revolutionary approach to electric bass.
The first time I played an MTD I fell in love with its ergonomics, aesthetic beauty, and how well it fitted my body despite being a 5-string 35 “scale. But above all its sound, the most versatile and forceful I’ve ever known. I currently own a 535-24 and a Kingston AG5. I cannot be happier. In the coming dates I will arrange for a new 535-24 made to my specs and advised by Michael Tobias in person.

Amplifiers: EBS is a Swedish brand of amplifiers that was born in 1988. I have always been a fan of their work, by design, portability, but above all by its sound and power.
EBS products are pieces of art. As they themselves say “we make tools for musicians to play because we believe in high quality sound equipment that lasts, not toys that only work for a while”. I can assure you that EBS is part of my sound.
Currently I use two Reidmar heads (750 and 500), two NeoLine screens (210 and 212) and a Classic Session 120 combo that I use in my studio and small concerts.

Strings: D’addario. This century-old brand has been making strings for many instruments since the early twentieth century. They are what I use since I started in the music scene. They are without discussion those that offer better quality / price ratio. Its sound and brightness are essential for what I need in my instruments. And its durability is beyond doubt, it is very difficult they let you down.
I use the Nickel EXL220 model with sizes 40, 60, 75, 95, 125.

Straps: RightOn! I met Toni Gil and Toni Sanchís, ideologists and manufacturers of the best instrument straps on the market, in the last edition of the Todobajos Bassday held in Madrid in 2013. When they showed me their products I was amazed by the high quality of materials and beauty of the finishes. And after using them for a while I could see that they are practically indestructible!
The work made by RightOn! with their products is state of the art and all my instruments have a strap made by them.

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