Musical Production

A musical producer shares the same role as a movie director. They manage to get the best out of each musician, so as the song can develop in the desired way and they also make sure that the sounds managed by the engineer, fit the compositon style too. The musical producer takes care of getting your song to sound in an specific way, so it can be competitive within the market it’s going to be released in.

As a producer, I try to focus on the artist achieving their goal, keeping them motivated and ensuring good results both musically and sound wise. So I supervise all the process, from composition, arrangements, choosing the repertoire, emphasizing the strengths of that musical project, serving as inspiration and impulsing their art.

I have my own recording studio, Blackbird Studios, located in the center of Barcelona where you’ll find the right environment to develope your music and expand your talents to the max. We have all the necessary resources to achieve professional results in all of the processes of pre-producton, recording, mixing and mastering.



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