Hello bros & sistas.

On September 20 my 4th cd effort comes to market (5th if you count Powafunk’s since, after all, I also composed and arranged everything on this project), and is the first as a soloist since the 2011 edition of Subway To Venus. Touring and the participation in other projects had reduced my time to concentrate on my instrumental music, and finally I got it.

I’m very excited because this album, From The Vault, is a challenge in my career. In this album, where I have set it up as a one-man-show, I carry out all the possible musical tasks without the participation of external personnel: I play bass, percussion, guitars and programming, composition, arrangements, production, mixing and mastering; all in my recording studio I have only received help in the section of photography ( and photo/design (Noelia Balboa –

It has been an incredible learning process in my facet as a music producer. I had previously produced both my own and others’ projects, but this has been different. Producing yourself is always special, but without any external musical participation, it is a real challenge.

I am very proud of the result and all the pre-release work for this record. I think that my essence as a composer is still evident in this record and I hope you like it as much as the previous ones. Now it’s time to play these songs live, with an incredible band including some of the best musicians from the Barcelona Jazz scene. See you on stage 😉

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