Hello bros & sistas. This is my first blog post and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting For years we had the idea to update the website and the team of made it possible. The new format provides a totally intuitive and entertaining design to the visitor and you will find all the details of my career, including photos, videos, news, concerts, equipment, classes … in addition to this blog. So welcome, and enjoy!!!



Hello bros & sistas. On September 20 my 4th cd effort comes to market (5th if you count Powafunk’s since, after all, I also composed and arranged everything on this project), and is the first as a soloist since the 2011 edition of Subway To Venus. Touring and the participation in other projects had reduced my time to concentrate on my instrumental music, and finally I got it. I’m very excited because this album, From The Vault, is a challenge in my career. In this album, where I have set it up as a one-man-show, I carry out all the…



Hello bros & sistas Today I come to talk about the gear that I usually play. They are brands with which I have associated due to their high professional quality, without a doubt they are among the best in the market. First, the basses: MTD (Michael Tobias Design). These instruments are manufactured by luthier Michael Tobias and his team in the USA. MTD is the successor of Tobias Guitars, a brand that Gibson bought in 1990. In 1994 Mr. Tobias created Michael Tobias Design, handmade instruments, with a revolutionary approach to electric bass. The first time I played an MTD…