Bass lessons

With almost 20 years experience of teaching private bass lessons, I’m still striving to learn more and to transmit this knowledge through face-to-face sessions or via Skype.

The subjects reviewed on the course are:

  • Theory: harmony, scales and its applications
  • Technique:_Fingering, hand position, slap and tapping…..
  • Improvisation: sense of rhythm, bass line creation, soloing
  • Sound: learn how to equalize your bass and amp live and in the studio, find your voice as an instrumentalist.
  • Recording: Recording techniques for the electric bass. Set up your axe: information to do it yourself!
  • Bass FX: learn the best of both digital and analogical worlds

The whole course is imparted at a pro recording studio with the best tools, the perfect environment to learn what you need.

Technical requirements and specs for a Skype lesson:

  • Safe and stable internet connection
  • Computer, webcam and microphone. Plug your bass into a sound card if possible.
  • Lessons are given at european central time (UTC+1) or (UTC+2) in the summer.
  • Each lesson length is between 45 minutes and an hour, and the costs have to be paid in advance via Paypal.
  • It is important to make sure that your connection via Skype works properly before the lesson.
  • It’s highly recommended that just your computer is using the Wifi network during the lesson, and if possible, use an ethernet connection.
  • From we cannot be responsible for your equipment malfunction. If the lesson begins and your equipment doesn’t work, the lesson still has to be paid, so it’s best to check that everything’s working before we start.
  • To have a lesson face-to-face or online, just contact and we’ll find the right schedule. There are different packs and offers according to the number of lessons you need.


On the other hand, Charlie has a lot of experience teaching Clinics or Masterclasses, a work he’s developed on different environments or schools such as Taller de Musics de Barcelona, Mousike of Tenerife, ESMUVA in Madrid or The Week of Musicality in Leganes. This events were strictly of didactic porposes, or with commercial oriented for the brands that Moreno’s endorsed over the years. More info to hire it go to contact. (English speaking)