Online Recording

If you need a bass track for your song, you can send it to me online and I’ll record it in my personal workspace: Blackbird Studios. In this professional environment, I have everything I need to create and record the bass line that best fits your tune.

Online recordings are a more comfortable and relatively cheaper way for our clients and if you want to, you can supervise the whole process through Skype. I use high profile instruments from many different brands, each with their own specific sound, from vintage to more modern or hi-tech.

In my studio, we work indistinctly with Logic, Pro Tools or Cubase. You just have to send me a stereo audio track with your music and I’ll send you back a file in your chosen format with the track, so you can use it in your mix.

As an instrumentalist, I have mastered a wide range of techniques and genres. Just tell me what you need and I’ll do the work, adjusting to the parameters set by you and don’t worry about counting the hours, the price is a fixed amount per song.

To visit my studio go to Blackbird Studios.




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